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Why does everyone have such scarily good layouts?

Does everyone have scarily good layouts? I know there are scary layouts out there. And good ones. And not-so-good ones also. I'm in a crisis pretty much every time I see a strinkingly good layout. It's so discouraging it's downright scary. But that's because I can't work any graphics programme other than Bitmap. Thanks to a very lovely person (you know who you are *hug*) I can now use PSP7, that is, if I actually knew how. So I'm still stuck, for my part. But I guess the secret to a good layout is originality, finding a way to create something unique with what little resources you have. I'm sure that piecing a layout together with scissors and paper (like I did) is something out of the ordinary that you don't see everyday. But I know that I can do a lot better this way than trying to do it like everyone else and ending up with a result that neither pleases me nor anybody else. So yeah, this is my advice for creating good layouts: Do your own thing. And if you can't do all those nifty graphics do something else. If you make something original then no one can compare you to someone who did it better.

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