What is a symbiosis?

Those well versed in biology already know. For those who are not, a symbiosis is a sort of union or dependence between two (or maybe more) organisms where one needs the other to survive (like trees and mushrooms that get their CO2 from the tree due to lack of chlorophyll in their own cells) or get some important jobs done (like crocodiles and those tooth-picker-birds who feed themselves by caring for the croc's dental hygiene). No guarantee for the scientifical correctness, 'though. And yes, I do watch a lot of documentaries.

So what's project:Symbiosis then?

project:Symbiosis is my hosting project for my domain jellowcat.net. If you're looking for a place to get hosted check out my special rules and requirements to see if you qualify. This is not elite, 'though, and I'm generally not picky about your experience in site building. I'm much more looking for sites with personality, so original ideas get the most points here!

The concept of project:Symbiosis is to help each other become better webmasters and -mistresses and in my opinion that hasn't only got to do with being good at coding and making graphics. I think that letting other website owners know of site errors, mistakes or anything that could be improved isn't just a favour to the person maintaining the site, but also to all the other visitors who'll be able to enjoy a beautiful, fully functional site.

So the basic idea of project:Symbiosis is that the person that needs help is the croc and we're the tooth-picker-birds. You can post a help request for the other members in the Community Blog to find someone who'll help you out. And later on, maybe you will be the one giving assistance to someone else.

Rules & Requirements
Your site

** Don't have broken links. I hate getting 404s when reviewing your site.
** Have your content up. I'll have nothing to base my decision upon if all I get is a "coming soon..."
** Please be able to use your native language properly. I hate wrong spelling and I know English well enough to notice. That said I especially encourage non-native english speakers to apply!
** Don't write on your site how original you are and how different than everybody else. It's ridiculous. If you are, people will notice. Just do things no one has ever done before.
** No excessive use of celebrities in graphics unless you run a fanlisting or fansite. Apart from that I don't care that much about your layout. Just make sure everything is viewable, even with a 800x600 resolution.
** I'm kind of picky about topics and I'll ask you for the topic of the site you're planning to get hosted. I'd advise you to find out what I like or rather what I don't like, because it'll affect my decision to host you or not. You can find out here or email me about it. Personal sites or blogs are usually always fine with me. Generally, as for the content, I won't accept any hateful comments about people, minority-bashing, racism, encouragement or support for the torturing of animals or the destruction of the environment, also commercial sites and anything illegal, PLUS I have this issue with religion, that is I'm an atheist and I get cranky when I feel that someone's trying to convert me or considers their belief as the only right one. So please avoid religious topics other than maybe stating on your site that you are religious.

You at JC.net

** Use the community blog. It's there for you after all.
** If one of the hostees asks you for help then help them. I may have redirected them to you because I know you're able to.
** If you get accepted have your site up within four weeks and let me know when you do (or use the community blog).
** Let me know when you go on hiatus. And it's always polite to have a link back to JC.net to let people know where you got your space from.
** Inform me when you close your website for good. Someone else might be happy to use the space.
** Talk to me once in a while?

And just to say it again: This is no elite hosting domain. I will not host you just because you make brilliant graphics. I'll judge by the overall feeling of your website and therefore your content is of great importance. Your personality counts a great deal. And heck, I like it when people have the guts to put up a totally primitive layout, but make everything else fit around it.

Also if you don't hear back from me after two to three weeks feel free to email me and ask or just apply again if you have made significant changes to your site (don't forget to comment that you have applied before). And lastly, you're allowed to apply as often as you want, just remember that there need to be noticable improvements.

These rules are subject to change, which may not affect you, however, once you're hosted. If it will, I'll let you know.

If you came here to get hosted you can apply now.