Before you apply please make sure that you know what project:Symbiosis is about and that you read and understand the rules.

What you'll get:

** 10 MB of space for personal sites and blogs, 5 MB for fanlistings (if you need more just ask me nicely)
** subdomain (
** email address (, POP3 or forwarder
** hosting on a server that supports PHP and CGI, a database is also available if needed (that is if you know how it works, because I don't)
** access to the community blog (posting and editing your posts)
** help if you need it and wonderful new friends

When filling out the form please be very specific about the topic. If it's a fanlisting don't forget to tell me what it's about. Also I don't mind if you tell me if there's something special that you've planned for your site. I don't mind reading a lot. My decision will partly depend on the way you present yourself and your site in this form.

You need to provide a reference URL to your current website. That site can either be in English, German, French or Swedish (passages in Spanish, Polish or Esperanto will be accepted as well). Nevertheless, please fill out the form in either German or English. Please note that the reference URL is not the URL you want as your subdomain! You will have a chance to give me all that information at a later date.

I may take a while to answer, but I am going to tell you if you're accepted or not. If you don't hear from me within two weeks I won't hold it against you if you email me and ask what's up. I may not have gotten your application.

Please fill in all of the following fields.

Would this be your first time getting hosted?
I have been hosted before.

Other comments, questions or specifications: