Version 4.0 "jello w/ cat"

Made with MS Paint, PSP7 and a font called "American Life". Coded in Notepad.
14 January 2006 to present.


Version 3.0 "sing it out loud!"

Made with image of Alanis Morissette in concert found in the depths of my hard drive again, MS Paint, PSP7 and Notepad.
19 July 2005 to 14 January 2006.

Version 2.0 "show off!"

Made with image of myself that I found in the depths of my hard drive, PSP7, a font called "Violation" and the help of MS Paint. Coded in Notepad as always.
13 March 2005 to 19 July 2005.

Version 1.0 "ich bastel mir eine website!"

Made with paper, scissors, old Bravo magazines, old Erika typewriter (pats typewriter), old glue, highlighter pen, skill and imagination, and finally a scanner, Corel Draw and MS Paint.
23 February 2004 to 13 March 2005.