This domain was purchased on 23 February 2004 from and is hosted by I chose it to be because, frankly, that's what I wanted my domain to be called ever since I first wanted one (which is a while back).

I am JellowCat. JellowCat is me. I've been JellowCat ever since I first went online and I've stuck to that name. And just for the record, if I ever decide to have my own business it's very likely to be something with JellowCat in the name. *cough*JellowCat Productions*cough* You can laugh at me now. I know I'm a self-absorbed weirdo.

This domain is actually - more or less - a site collective and not supposed to hold any content except some community stuff. My personal website "JellowCat's Freak Shoe..." (with content) exists somewhat separate from my domain "project:Symbiosis", but is still part of it in some ways. I have found that it is difficult for visitors and especially reviewers to decide what to make of it.

I have had a personal website since sometime in spring 2000 with the current version of JCFS existing since October 2003. I only own this domain since spring 2004 and since I was not in the mood to change the whole site (my personal one) I just kept it separate. This domain is not meant to be personal. The blog is not a personal one. I'm also not linking to any of my favourite websites or any fanlistings from here, only to websites that have to do with this domain.

If this is still too confusing you may consider what you find under "JellowCat's Freak Shoe" the "me" section. But please understand that I refuse to call it "me" or even "the girl" which is boring and unoriginal ("the woman" would be more fitting, anyway). Besides, there is a sort of "you" section on JellowCat's Freak Shoe, although, again, I do not call it that.